Catamount, Take 2

We went back to Catamount Reservoir today.  Not to hike, just to lounge by the water.  It was a relaxing, pleasant day.  The weather forecast indicated a storm would be building.  We went anyway, hoping to get in some good sunshine before the storm hit.  It was a wee bit cold for my liking, but I’ll take it!

N Catamount 05-20-2012_021

We spent the morning strolling near the water.

N Catamount 05-20-2012_020

And lounging in the sun.


Johnny enjoyed navigating the rocks like a big boy.  When he got to the top of this section as we left, he threw his arms up in the air and said “Jay (yay)!  Woohoo!”.


Panning for gold.

N Catamount 05-20-2012_015N Catamount 05-20-2012_013

Checking out the water without getting his shoes *too* wet.

N Catamount 05-20-2012_014

Checking out all of the random stuff there was to find – like fishing lures (we didn’t leave them there – we picked them up & took them all home).

N Catamount 05-20-2012_001

Eating his lunch on a log.

N Catamount 05-20-2012_009

(Side note – there is a picture of my around this age eating a snack on a stump.  Looks kinda similar from what I can remember.)

N Catamount 05-20-2012_010

Doing some serious thinking.

N Catamount 05-20-2012_011

It was such a nice day to just kick back with your feet up!

N Catamount 05-20-2012_012

Just when you get nice & comfy… you are guaranteed to have a Bug come & plop down on your belly. 

Those who know me well, know that I have an irrational fear of squirrels (I blame National Lampoons Christmas Vacation).  Apparently, that doesn’t extend to chipmunks.  I was kind of taken by this guy.    


So was Johnny.  He kept saying, “ooooo bunny!”.  And the chipmunk would run away, and Johnny would say, “Awww bunny gone!”.


Perhaps I grew too fond of the little chipmunk, because I threw some of Johnny’s bread crust for him to snack on. A momentary lapse of judgment! Word spread fast among the chipmunks that some human sucker was passing out free food.  Pretty soon, a whole little colony of chipmunks start popping their little heads over the rocks scoping for food.  One even tried to drink out of my Camelbak.

*Insert irrational fear of chipmunks here.*


I draw the line at allowing wild rodents to drink out of my Camelbak.  I started “shooing” away the chipmunks.  Johnny started saying “Go, bunny, go!” and shooing them with his hands.  Chuckle.  =)


Double fisting what is left of his sandwich while watching a boat pass by:


Waving and yelling “hi” to the people in the boat.


Loving on dad.

N Catamount 05-20-2012_025

N Catamount 05-20-2012_026

These are Johnny’s “tired eyes”.


Sure enough, the storm clouds started to build.  We packed it up and headed back home.

N Catamount 05-20-2012_027

Coming up to the reservoir has made me realize how much I miss living around water.  The soothing cadence of the waves lapping the shore.  The slow breeze coming off of the water.  Now that we have found this place, we can at least have a little bit of amidst all of these mountains.  The best of both worlds.


2 thoughts on “Catamount, Take 2

  1. Oh how cute!! I love the chipmunk tale. You totally should have let that guy drink out of your camelback. Go bunny!

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