Nature’s Beauty

When we were evacuated for the Waldo Canyon Fire, we headed down to Trinidad to stay at Doug’s parents new ranch house.  It was a nice retreat from the smoky air and chaos of the Springs.


When the evacuation order was lifted and we went home, we quickly realized the smoke was still too bad to be in the house.  So we grabbed some camping gear and headed to the mountains – Lily Lake in the Sangre de Cristo mountains.


We met up with Doug’s brothers to hang out.  This was Johnny’s first camping trip!  He was a very good helper with setting up the tent.


Driving in a tent stake:


With three uncles and two cousins there with us, there was lots of fun to be had.




Miss Abbey was content to blow bubbles for Johnny to chase & pop!


We went for a quick little hike.



Doug & I both agree, this valley is one of our favorite views in Colorado.


It was very healing and refreshing to be in nature this weekend.  We had so much fun, we decided to take J camping again this coming weekend!


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