A Beach Trip

I keep seeing people from home posting pictures from their beach trips.  Makes me miss sand & water.  Johnny has never been to the beach… I’m sure he would love it.  He loves anything to do with water!  Any time I start missing sand & water too much, we head up to Catamount Reservoir.

It was a powerful sight heading up to the reservoir.  The entrance to the reservoir goes right beside of the south side of the burn scar.  The picture below is a 180 degree panorama of Cascade.  You can see all of the mountains are burnt and this island of green with the town of Cascade in it.  Gives you a good view of just how close it came to those houses.  There is a medical specialist I see in Cascade & I spoke to him the other day – he said the bulldozers dug the fire line 200 yards from his house.  Crazy!


Anyway, on to the hike.  We just took a quick hike in to get away from people.  =)


Then we headed down to the “beach”.


And more importantly, the water.


This may be my most favorite picture ever:


Johnny’s favorite activity of the day was taking rocks of all sizes & chucking them into the water.


Followed by much celebration:


Then we stopped the strenuous work of rock-chucking to eat a picnic lunch.


Johnny made a new friend while eating lunch.  He had a little chipmunk that followed him around every step he took. He’s kinda hard to see in the pictures below… sort of blends into the background.  Just waiting for that sandwich to drop!



I could spend every day like this…. just me & the boys, water & sand.


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