A Super Fun Playdate

We met up at the park yesterday with a bunch of friends for a playdate with all of the kiddos.  It was loads of fun.  So much fun that when we left, Johnny fell asleep in the car about .5 miles from the park.  And he slept for over 3 hours! 

Ready for picture overload?

We parked in the wrong parking lot to begin with, and I couldn’t coax Johnny back into the car.  We wound up walking quite a ways to the swings.  Much to Johnny’s dismay, a few geese accompanied us on our walk.  He is not a big fan of animals.  He loves reading about animals, but if he sees one in person, and they move in his direction, he freaks out.  Made for an interesting walk.


Jessie’s little boy, Finn, has a tendency to break off in a run trying to escape (much like someone else I know.  Ahem.).  She found a nifty spot to keep him contained.  I’ll have to remember this one!


Johnny was really stoked when Fisher got to the park.  Here is he is trying to boss Fisher around and convince him to come down the slide with him.



How sweet is Miss Ruby??


Not sure what was wrong, but her cry face is pretty darn cute.


I figured getting a picture of everyone was futile with 5 adults and 9 kids.  This was as close as I got.


Little Elliott had just woken up from his nap.  He was so stoic the whole time!


Kristin showing Johnny how to cast a spell draw a J.


Zoya’s haircut was so stinkin’ cute!  It made me really want to cut my hair off short.


Whew!  How was that for a huge photo dump?  Nothing like a fun day at the park with beautiful weather and great friends!


3 thoughts on “A Super Fun Playdate

  1. ha ha ha ha ha…cast a spell. I love all the pictures! I especially love the one of Johnny walking up the ladder (his little bum), the one of Fisher swinging from the handle, and Piper on the merry go round.

  2. I always love the ones where Johnny is trying to boss somebody around – he looks so intense! I also love the one of Fisher swinging, and I love Piper being the big girl with Ruby!

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