Every Time it Snows


Every time it snows (especially near the weekend), we all squeal a little inside.  Well, I’m not sure Doug technically squeals, but it’s safe to say he’s happy.  Why?  Because we do this:

Drive into the mountains:

And go for a hike in the woods, pulling Johnny in the sled.

At this point in our hike, Johnny was singing his favorite songs as we made our way through the forest.


We hike in to our favorite sledding route.  I think we are the only people who use it!  It’s perfect – out in the middle of nowhere.

With a gorgeous view.

The snow was up to 2 ft in some places.  It’s tricky when you are only 3 ft tall to navigate deep snow.

But this little guy is such a champ.

Breaking in the sledding run by himself (don’t worry, he didn’t go far).

Having a snack and hot chocolate.  It was too cold (wind chill definitely sub zero…maybe –10ish?) to keep gloves off for a long time. So this is where the wheels kind of fell off of the bus.  Johnny was too hungry and his hands were cold.  So we packed up and headed back.


This really is the best way to keep warm:


Johnny kept ahold of the ice ax in case he needed to self arrest.  Winking smile

And he *almost* started snoozing on the ride back.


We had such a fun Sunday!  It really hasn’t started to feel like Spring at all around here (obviously).  We are trying to soak up these dwindling days of winter while we can.


Nature’s Beauty

When we were evacuated for the Waldo Canyon Fire, we headed down to Trinidad to stay at Doug’s parents new ranch house.  It was a nice retreat from the smoky air and chaos of the Springs.


When the evacuation order was lifted and we went home, we quickly realized the smoke was still too bad to be in the house.  So we grabbed some camping gear and headed to the mountains – Lily Lake in the Sangre de Cristo mountains.


We met up with Doug’s brothers to hang out.  This was Johnny’s first camping trip!  He was a very good helper with setting up the tent.


Driving in a tent stake:


With three uncles and two cousins there with us, there was lots of fun to be had.




Miss Abbey was content to blow bubbles for Johnny to chase & pop!


We went for a quick little hike.



Doug & I both agree, this valley is one of our favorite views in Colorado.


It was very healing and refreshing to be in nature this weekend.  We had so much fun, we decided to take J camping again this coming weekend!


I mentioned in this post how Doug played around on his brother, Aaron’s, slackline a few weeks ago.  Well, we went & bought one this weekend and got it set up in the back yard.  It’s turned out to be loads of fun.


Johnny testing the slack in the line (in his pajamas!):


Helping Woody have a turn:


And Buzz, of course:



We pretty much spent all day on Sunday outside doing a lot of this:


This will be a good party feature, for sure. Smile

Lions, Tigers, and Bears!

We went to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo yesterday with Kristin & her kiddos! 

It really is a neat zoo – tucked into the mountains.  You walk up some pretty steep paths which is a nice workout for the legs!  We hadn’t been since Johnny was really young. So this was his first time being old enough to really experience it. 

Here we are next to the giant giraffe statue near the entrance.  He did fine up until about this point.  :)


He wasn’t too keen about the giraffes sticking their tongues through the fence on the bridge… but he dealt with it ok.


Then a really tall giraffe stuck his head over the fence and started to come towards Johnny.  He. was. terrified. 


It took lots of mama & Fisher hugs before he settled down.


We just had to leave the giraffe area because any time one of them looked at him, he screamed.  He also did this in the Budgie Birds room, and any time a random peacock walking around the zoo came near him. 


Turns out he likes to view animals from a very safe distance, with glass or a cage in between.


Johnny got to ride a few rides at the zoo – which was his first time ever!  There was a loose peacock in the train area, and you can see how Johnny felt about that in this picture. 


Something about this next pictures makes me choke up.  They just look so grown up.  You know, like they are having a conversation on the subway or something.


After the train ride, it was pretty much impossible to get Johnny back in his stroller.  He did *ok* walking around by himself, at least for a while.


This was the bear exhibit.  There is a big pond stocked with enormous fish that you can see from the viewing area.  Johnny would tap on the glass and these huge fish would swing around and come towards him.  Again, terrified screams.  But he didn’t want to leave!  He loves fish.  Just apparently when they aren’t swimming towards him like they want to eat him.  (As a side note, I have no idea why these shorts are so long… they are a size 2T but they look like man-pris!)


If I’m being truly honest, this is the main reason I come to the zoo.  Regardless of a dairy allergy, when I see dippin’ dots I have absolutely ZERO self control. 


Johnny was a fan for sure.


While we were eating, this little bird hopped over next to us.  Apparently, he wasn’t threatening enough to warrant screams.  However, Johnny did start yelling “a BEER! a BEER!” (how he says bird).  It really doesn’t matter where we are, it is always entertaining when he yells about birds (and horses or “whores” as he calls them).


THEN we ate lunch.  Why not have dessert before lunch some times?  Gotta live a little.


(Yes, this is a Camelbak drinking tube… my pack was below and there is a convenient hole in the side of his stroller where it fits through.  Handy!)


After lunch we rode the carousel – another first! 


I was a little worried because when I try to get Johnny to ride the mechanical horses at King Soopers, he screams. I took one step towards putting him on a horse and he wanted nothing to do with it. So we found a sleigh and he still got to enjoy the experience.


After going through the monkey and gorilla house, this guy was d.o.n.e.


So we said goodbye to the zoo for now.


When we got in the car (two hours after nap time) he was asleep within 5 minutes.  Snoring within 10. And drooling spit bubbles within 15.  That’s when you know it’s been a good day!


What You Missed in 2011

I promised a review of the year thus far… so here you go!  I think it’s safe to say this post will be broken up into at least 2 separate posts.  I don’t want to overload you too much at once.  =)

At the beginning of 2011, Johnny was 11 months old.  As soon as he realized he could have an opinion & assert his will at mealtime, he pretty much stopped eating anything doesn’t taste awesome (read: vegetables).  This boy is one PICKY eater!!  I guess he gets that from his mama.


Days were filled with exploring & pushing around anything with wheels.  I used to think the choice of whether to play with dolls or trucks was somewhat nurtured.  No way!  This kid gravitated towards things with wheels from day one!


AND he loves technology.  Can he possibly get any more like his parents?


On 1/28/11, Johnny turned one! We made cupcakes the week after his birthday, as he was sick on his actual birthday.  We didn’t make a big deal out of it, just the three of us.  The cupcakes were gluten, dairy & soy free.  He wasn’t really impressed.


But it WAS good enough to do a face plant.




Spring came along & we spent our days entertaining grandparents:


Watching sports with dad:


Telling Grandpa Mojica a story:


Hanging out with cousins:



IMG_1081 - Copy

In the Spring, mama got a jogging stroller so we spent lots of days like this:




Or just hiking in the woods:


One day we were shopping at Target and we passed these big blue balls.  I can’t remember (sucky memory strikes again!) if we showed it to him or if he asked for it.  But once he got it in his little hands, he wouldn’t let go – literally!  And so began his love affair with balls.  (Ooooo that just sounds funny….)  This child can’t get enough of playing with any & every kind of ball – tennis ball, football, wall ball, soccer ball, you name it… he is throwing it!  Future NBA player?  I’m sure of it.


He is all boy for sure.  Always getting into stuff.  This shirt describes it best:  “I tried to be good, but I got bored.”  That’s my Johnny Bug in a nutshell!


And that’s what we did during Winter & Spring this year!! Pt. 2 with Summer & Fall will be posted soon!